Chrome Extension

A research tool for unlocking table data from reports and other PDFs

Super easy to use

1. One-click-install

Tabello comes as a plugin for the Chrome browser. This way it is always available whenever you open a PDF document in the browser - no need to switch between services, just keep your workflow as always!

2. Activate Tabello

Once installed, open any PDF in Chrome and activate Tabello by clicking on the Tabello icon that appears in the browser bar.

Open files from your computer by dragging them to Chrome, or read files straight from the web

(If your file is an image (e.g. a scanned document) Tabello is unfortunately not able to process it, yet)

3. Select the table

Convert your PDF data to Excel by dragging a selection around the table you want and...

4. Paste data to Excel

...presto! Your PDF data is now in Excel friendly format, ready to be pasted into Excel