Copy PDF tables to Excel with a click

Stop wasting time on typing data by hand, let Tabello do the work for you


Tabello is super quick and delivers instant results, so that you can get to work with that data right away


Tabello unlocks the original data in the PDF, making it 100% accurate in most cases, so you don't even have to double check it


We take confidentiality serious. Your content data never leaves your computer, so you won't have to worry about anyone seeing it

Super easy to use

1. Open file

Tabello can either be used as a web app right in the browser, or by adding the Chrome extension to your browser.

By using the Chrome extension you always have Tabello available at the touch of a button whenever reading a PDF - right where you need it when you need it.

Learn more about the Chrome extension

2. Select the table

Convert your PDF data to Excel by dragging a selection around the table you want and...

3. Paste data to Excel

...presto! Your PDF data is now in Excel friendly format, ready to be pasted into Excel

Try for free

We know it is important to know if Tabello really works for the file you have. Therefore it is of course free to try it out. We give you 3 free credits (equal to 3 scans of tables, which you can learn more about here) so you can see for yourself!

If you decide you like it, you find the prices below


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