Frequently Asked Questions

Stop wasting time trying to get data from PDF to Excel

Installing and uninstalling Tabello

What is a Chrome extension?

A Chrome extension is a little plugin that gives the web browser Chrome extra functionality. You can uninstall it at any time and your browser will go back to the way it was before you installed Tabello.

I use MS Edge, Safari or Firefox - what about me?

If you don't use Chrome you unfortunately have to wait until we make Tabello available for those browsers. Chrome is however the most popular web browser today and is free to download, so if you're desperate that's your first move.

How do I uninstall Tabello?

To uninstall Tabello you open Chrome, click the little symbol with three dots in the upper right corner, "More tools" -> "Extensions". Then click "Remove" next to the trashcan next to Tabello.

For more information see Google's official support here

Using Tabello

What is a "scan"?

We call it a "scan" when you select a part of a PDF for extraction. If you select multiple tables at once it is still one "scan" (but we recommend doing one table at a time for the best results).

Not satisfied with the results?

We always strive to deliver the best results and are constantly refining our algorithms. If you are not getting the results you were hoping for you can always try to focus more on the specific data you want. Skipping headers and sometimes even complicated column titles can vastly improve the accuracy of the data.

There seems to be missing data from my "scan", why?

Sometimes the PDF you work with can have underlying issues that make it difficult to read for Tabello. We try our best to work around it but unfortunately we can't make the output better than the input is. Sorry.

My PDF is a scanned image but I don't get any results?

Scanned images are technically no longer PDFs and unfortunately Tabello can not read text from images at this point in time. This may be added in future releases.

Is there no way to upload files?

Tabello is optimized for extracting specific tables of data from PDF files. If you are looking to convert an entire file, we recommend or similar.

What data do you send?/Is my data shared with anyone else?

When you use Tabello in the paid version, no confidential data is ever sent from your computer. We only receive the table structure (as black or white areas) but no specific text, number or illustration. Your information is thus safe.

As a result, Tabello never shares your data with anyone else. If you are still using the free plan to test it out, some data may be sent for optimization purposes and/or to study usage.


How do "credits" work?

Unless you are on one of the "unlimited" plans, Tabello uses a credit system to keep track of how many scans you do. 1 scan is equal to 1 credit (which can of course be of multiple tables, but the results may not be as good then). Credits are only deducted when you choose to export the output to Excel (by clicking on the "Copy data" button). If you are not happy with the preview results nothing happens, you just make new scans until you are satisfied and no credits will be charged.

Do credits expire?

Credits never expire. As long as Tabello is operating you can use your credits when it suits you!


How can I contact you?

Click HERE to contact us.